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Clicking Visual Studio 2008 Trial Version takes you to its download page:

Download Visual Studio 2008

After clicking Download and following the subsequent instructions, you'll save the software as an iso file. You cannot set up the software by simply double-clicking it as you would do for most other software. You have to extract the content of the software from the iso file. One way to do this is to use a program called MagicISO. Clicking here takes you to its download page:

Download MagicISO

With MagicISO installed, following Start > All Programs > MagicISO > MagicISO brings up the following screen:

Start MagicISO

If you want to buy the software, click "Buy Now"; otherwise click "Try It!" and you will see the following screen:

Open MagicISO

 After selecting your iso file from the lower-left panel, right-clicking it and selecting "Extract to" bring up the following:

Extract Visual Studio

The following tells you how to extract the content from an iso file:

Extract To
It allows you to specify the destination path for extracting.
Selected File
If this option is checked, MagicISO will extract the selected files and folders only (including subfolders) to the destination folder.
All Files
If this option is checked, MagicISO will extract all the files and folders contained in the ISO file or CD/DVD image file to the destination folders.
Open the folder after extract
If this option is checked, the destination folder will be opened after extraction.
Overwrite exist files
If this option is checked, existing files with the same names will be overwritten during extraction.

After Visual Studio 2008 is extracted, double click setup.exe and follow the instructions. It takes about one or two hours to complete the setup process. You can follow the same process for downloading, extracting and installing Visual C# Express. In the next tutorial, we'll familiarize ourselves with the IDE's environment by Creating a simple Windows Forms application.

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