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The tutorials presented so far should enable you to use the basic functionality of Visual Studio.  But keep in mind that Visual Studio is just a tool, that is, it is just an integrated development environment. In order to write programs to solve natural language processing problems, you need to learn a programming language. One of the languages I recommend is C#.

You can find more practical tutorials for Visual Studio and programming in C# by searching such keywords as 'Visual Studio', 'C#', 'tutorials', and so on.  After you grasped the skills presented in the preceding pages, you should be able to follow the tutorials you'll find online. The following are three excellent tutorial Websites.

Visual Studio 2008: C# Hello World Tutorial
This tutorial provides the skills and knowledge similar to what have been presented in my Website. You may learn something new as well.
C# Station Tutorial
This is a wonderful C# teaching Website, though the author modestly calls it a tutorial. It covers most of the concepts, knowledge, and skills for programming in C#. If you are new to C# and .NET, you need to follow along the tutorials in the listed order. With patience and practice, you'll become a very knowledgeable C# and .NET professional after upon completing those tutorials.
C Sharp Tutorial
If you need an even more comprehensive introduction to C# and the .NET framework, this Website is a good place to go. The tutorials there help you to understand the basic concepts of programming in C# such as Data Types, Variables, Statements, Operators, Functions and Methods, Classes and Objects, and Enumerations, etc. They also explain the more advanced concepts such as Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Properties, Indexes, Delegates, Events, Multi-Threading, Files and Streams, and Generics, and so on.

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