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  • Inflection: inactivities
    Used to mainly satisfy grammatical requirement.
  • Suffix: inactive, inactivity
    Used to derive a new word of different part of speech
  • Prefix: inactive
    Used to derive a new word, usually of the same part of speech
  • Stem: inactivities, inactivity,   inactive
    The part with the inflection, or a prefix, or a suffix removed.
  • Root: inactivities
    The minimal part of a word that carries its core meaning, it may or may not stand by itself.
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In English, a new word can be formed by adding a prefix or a suffix to a base word. An example is:
  1. act + ive = active
  2. in + active = inactive
  3. inactive + ty = inactivity
  4. inactivity + es = inactivities.

    Step 4 is inflectional. This word forming process, in linguistics, is called morphological process, which took place at certain order in a word' history. For example, the following order is not legal, as prefix in, in the sense of not, opposite, cannot be added to a noun.
  1. act + ive = active
  2. active + ty = activity
  3. in + activity = inactivity ?
  4. inactivity + es = inactivities.

    This parser captures and displays the morphological process of any English word, even a word coined by you playfully, provided it is not a compound word.

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