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The subsequent pages present the online natural language processing services.

The tokenization service splits any piece of text into a list of tokens. Based on your option, a token can be a word, a punctuation mark, a symbol, or a number. You can type some text in the text box or upload a file for tokenization.

The part-of-speech tagging service goes one step further by providing the most appropriate part-of-speech to each of the token. Be aware that part-of-speech in this sense is much broader than the categories we learned in traditional grammar books. For the complete part-of-speech, i.e. the tags used by this tagger, click here. Like the tokenization service, it accepts text you typed into the text box and the file you uploaded.

The morphological analysis service analyzes the morphological processes a word has undergone to get its current form from its base form. That page will also explain some basic concepts of morphology, such as prefix, suffix, inflection, stem, and root. You simply type any meaningful word that may or may not exist in dictionaries and you'll get the complete analysis of that word.

The verb classifying service is a typical expert system. It tries to classify a verb into one of the four types based on the temporal features. This classification was first defined by Zeno Vendler (1967). If the expert system knows the word you are asking about, it tells you immediately; otherwise, you need to answer some simple questions and it classifies the verb based on your answers. It learns from you, the user. So the next time you or somebody else asks for the same verb, it shows you the answer without asking you any question.

The English concordancing service shows how a word or phrase is actually used by other people. You type a word, a phrase, or a pattern of a phrase and the service searches it in the corpus you specified and shows you the times it appears and the words appear before and after it. This is very helpful when you are not sure how a word or phrase is collocated with other words.

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