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(1) Type or copy & paste some text or browse a file to upload as input; (2) Select your options; (3) Click on Go.

Click here to know more about type token ratio (ttr) and here about moving window ttr.


Number of words per window for moving window type token ratio:  

Some scholars believe that individual human beings use language in a unique way and they claim that such uniqueness can be observed as surely as fingerprints. The linguistic fingerprint is the wide collection of such features of a particular text as the complexity indexes of words, sentences, and discourse, the average lengths of words and sentences, word frequency distribution, average type token ratio, etc.

The notion of linguistic fingerprint belongs to forensic linguistics, which applies linguistic knowledge, methods and insights to the forensic context of law, crime investigation, trial, and judicial procedure.

Though it's not been proved that the above features are unique to a person's language use as surely as fingerprint is to a particular person, it can reveal something interesting to compute and compare them between texts of different people or those of the same person but of different genres or of different periods.

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