Free language processing service and NLP C# code
Current topic Out-of-the-box language processing code in C#

The subsequent pages will present sample code to solve natural language processing problems in C#.

Windows Forms vs. Consol Applications

The NLP code will be illustrated using both Windows Forms applications and Console applications. Visual Studio or Visual C# Express comes with a rich set of ready-to-use visual controls. In many cases, with one or two lines of code the programmers can have a standard control that would need dozens or even hundreds of lines of code in other languages. On the other hand, Console application can enable use to focus on the NLP logic itself. The Tutorials for Visual Studio  section walks you through the process of creating Windows based application. Creating console applications is even simpler.

Page Organization

Each page consists of the following components:

  • NLP Task: what problem do we want to solve with our code?
  • Algorithms and Implementation
  • Code with detailed comments
  • Illustrating screenshots if needed
  • Miscellaneous notes such as how to improve the code and where to find more resources

Example Text

We'll use Jack London's Love of Life as the example text which can be downloaded free from Gutenberg project's website. Once you are at that page, right click the Plain Text UTF-8 and choose Save Target As... from the context menu, and save the novel to a convenient place. Sometimes we simply need to copy and paste the text of the novel to a text box of our program while on other occasions we need to read its context from the file directly.

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