Free language processing service and NLP C# code

About this website
      Natural language processing (NLP), simply put, is to make computers understand and generate human language. Therefore, it requires both linguistic knowledge and programming skills. This website offers online language processing services, a concise introduction to the major concepts of linguistics needed in NLP, practical and easy-to-follow tutorials for Visual Studio, and ready-to-use C# code for NLP in particular and algorithm implementation in general. In addition, it presents my technical blogs on ASP.NET web programming, comparison between aspects of programming in C# and in Java and computer use in general. The alternative address of this web site is

Target audience
      The main audience of this website are those interested in programming in C# and Java and those interested in natural language processing. You will also find this site useful if you simply want to try language processing online or copy some sample C# code. You might also find answers to some of the tricky technical FAQs

About the author
      Jiayun Han obtained his PhD in linguistics and MS in artificial intelligence from the University of Georgia, USA. He has 10 years' formal education in linguistics and 5 years' experience in developing software using .NET technology and Java, particularly in Windows and Web Forms. He has the expertise in using machine learning algorithms to solve problems in the areas of indirect speech act detection, morphological analysis, part-of-speech tagging, semantic distance measurement, text classification, corpora construction and domain knowledge extraction.